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Shopping Mall Cleaning

Presentation is essential to creating an enjoyable retail experience, and Healthyways Cleaning detailed program for cleaning all areas of shopping centers, both large and small, will have patrons returning to your location time and again. High foot traffic areas in public spaces, such as shopping centers, need daily and ongoing cleaning to ensure the entire facility is safe, hygienic and welcoming to spend time in. You can have confidence in Healthyways, as your partner in shopping complex maintenance, that every area is clean and appealing. We can provide continual monitoring of shopping center cleanliness throughout the day, or as required, including increases in need such as during holiday periods. Having our cleaners onsite during opening hours means any potential hazards or risks such as slips and falls are mitigated for your customers and tenants. Having our staff patrol the center allows spills to be attended to immediately. Dry mopping the wet area prevents a slip hazard, minimizing the possibility of injury.

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